We are a United States-based international education consulting company for students who wish to continue their educational dreams in the United States. We provide personalized consulting on application procedures, documentation, qualifications, requirements, and deadlines. We interview the student and parents to determine needs and goals. We evaluate and asses test scores, transcripts, reports, recommendations and interests. We establish a scheduler tests and make referrals for test preparations. We develop a list of appropriate schools or programs that meet the student’s needs and expectations. We construct a time line for overall procedures. We maintain contact with admission offices throughout the application procedures. We follow up after the student’s enrollment to monitor the “fit” for the student and family. Further, our consulting expertise includes (1) cultural considerations, (2) understanding American universities and colleges from a foreign point of view vis-à-vis adjustment issues, (3) how different universities approach international recruiting and care for their students throughout the process, (4) financial concerns, (5) obtaining student visas, and (6) transitioning to American universities from abroad.

We also offer online courses and certificate programs for our clients. Our online courses include but not limited to (1) developing writing skills, (2) developing listening skills, (3) business English, (4) academic English, and (5) developing speaking skills. Online certificate programs include but not limited to (1) international education consulting certificate program, (2) leadership certificate program, and (3) students coaching certificate program.

November 14, 2018