The Situation

Ahmed was from Pakistan and he wanted to study computer science major in one of the top schools in the United States. He was an 11th grader and his parents requested consulting from us on a perfect time. His grade point average was solid, and he had enough time to be prepared for the SAT. Since he was very comfortable with English language, we were not worry about the TOEFL test results.

The Challenge

Both parents and Ahmed were not sure about the college names and the locations for his undergraduate study. They naturally were not familiar with overall application procedure. The stress and confusion over them were very visible.


Ahmed received acceptance letters from 10 schools in NJ, PA, NY, DC, and MA. The scholarship rates were between %30 to %70. All schools were in top 100 colleges.

How USA International Education Consulting Helped Her?

Although Ahmed had an impressive academic background, we needed to prepare an application package that would impress the admission offices. Good SAT scores and GPA helped him a lot however, his extracurricular activities become more visible and impressive after we worked on some specific activities. Ahmed was in the science Olympiad team since 7the grade and continued this as the team leader after starting the high school. He and his teams received several recognitions at regional and state levels. Medals and certification from competitions helped us to prepare an impressive resume. We also briefly mentioned about the success stories in his personal statement (student essay). Some schools even requested interviews and asked him about those science Olympiad competitions. Since we were expecting such questions from the schools, we prepared him and practiced several mock interviews with him. With those mock interviews, Ahmed became more comfortable while he was expressing himself.