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We are a Florida-based international education consulting company for students who wish to continue their educational dreams. We provide personalized consulting on best match colleges, tuitions, scholarships, fees, college rankings, top colleges, documentations, writing an impressive personal statement (student essay), resume building, standardized tests (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT), language tests, (TOEFL, IELTS), transcript evaluations, best cities and states for college education for international students, college application platforms; the common app, the coalition app, resume building, time management and application deadlines, reference letters, email communications with schools, interview preparations, visa procedures, etc.

Our mission is clear


e made college consulting easy, fast, understandable, and affordable for international applicants. We believe in the “no child left behind” philosophy, especially when it comes to college application assistance. However, it is a reality that thousands of international students cannot receive proper consulting due to lack of resources. We aim to provide a clear picture of the student’s capacity and the steps he will be taking toward the best-match colleges.

We care


regular high school counselor cannot provide college consulting for the US colleges. The number of experts in this college consulting business for the US Colleges are extremely limited. Students who wish to continue their education in the United States at graduate and undergraduate levels need personalized consulting to save time, and money. Personalized consulting provides the acceptance from best match schools with high scholarships. We designed our services with respect to the needs of students as well as the needs of their parents.

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We offer personalized college consulting sessions through Zoom

Erkan Acar, PhD
Erkan Acar, PhDCEO & Founder

Message from the Founder

The fastest way to prepare and organize college applications requires a personalized approach. Each student has his or her unique academic successes, future plans, and expectations. With respect to those authenticities, each student needs personalized evaluation and plans toward college education. With this personalized approach, families and students can make the best decisions on different universities. They can also save money and time, since college applications are time sensitive.

About Dr. Acar.

Erkan Acar, PhD is the founder and the CEO of the USA International Education Consulting LLC. a United States-based international education consulting company for students who wish to continue their educational dreams in the United States.

He received his PhD in Human Development / Instructional Leadership from Marywood University in Scranton, PA. He holds a Master degree in Educational Development and Strategies from Wilkes University in Wilkes Barre, PA.

Dr. Acar has been working with domestic and international students since 2010 and has successfully helped hundreds of students overcome their issues in college applications in the United States. It is from that experience that he has created over several courses within the college application field.

Dr. Acar also taught education courses at graduate and undergraduate levels at Marywood University for years. He also continues his teaching career at higher education institutions in the US. He also published several academic and non-academic papers regarding international education.

Dr. Acar is also teaching at Udemy and has more than 6600 students from 145 different countries.

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