The Situation

Amir wanted to continue his graduate education (Master of Business Administration-MBA) in the United States. He was confused about different types of MBA programs and wanted to make sure he would receive a good education with a fair cost in less than two years. Amir also knew that he needed a real-life experience and preferred big cities for his education in the United States.

The Challenge

Amir’s grade point average from his previous college was not strong enough to receive a good scholarship. The GPA was not so convincing, and he did not take the General Record Exam (GRE) that could waive the minimum GPA requirement at most of the colleges. Finding schools that would accept him with some scholarship in big cities was a real challenge.


Amir received five acceptance letters from schools ranked in top 150. Scholarships were around %10-%25. Three schools rejected him however those schools were in top 20 schools and Amir wanted to try them although he did not hold out much hope.

How USA International Education Consulting Helped Him?

We completed our initial interview as soon as possible since he was a little late to prepare some documentation. We wanted him to retake the TOEFL exam since the previous score of his TOEFL was around 80. Although this score was sufficient for many schools, we were concerned about the GPA and we knew that he could pass 100/120. We prepared our Road Map Report including the list of colleges and Amir’s obligations to prepare some documents in his country. We also gave details about the selected MBA programs especially in the concentration area of finance in the report. Since Amir also wanted to continue this graduate education in big cities, we narrowed down our location options with the city of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. We also made sure that the MBA programs we selected to apply included up to 39 credit hours programs. This way we made sure that he could finish the program in two years. On the other hand, we helped him to develop an impressive resume and a personal essay. We focused on this portion of the application package a lot since we aimed to impress the admission offices with his work experience. We aimed to cover the low GPA issue from his bachelor’s degree in business administration by highlighting his success in the real work environment back in his country.