The Situation

Helen was from Germany and had plans for her psychology master in the United States. She had completed her bachelor’s degree at Munich University in 2015. She had excellent academic background and work experience in her field. She did her research about the graduate education in psychology in the US however, due to mass info on the internet, she was a little confused for technical steps as well as completing college lists for her application. Having hundreds of college options was creating stress over her and she needed to talk to our experts for a beneficial brainstorming for a final decision.

The Challenge

Helen did not have an impressive personal statement. The statement seems like a different version of her resume and there were missing essential parts. Specifically, her research plans and interest were not clearly stated. Those plans needed to be narrowed down with specific examples. On the other hand, Helen was focusing on only one school in New York City and this was creating a high risk for a common college application.

How USA International Education Consulting Helped Her?

We did our initial interview with Helen and received all info about her background and academic plans. We prepared a Road Map Report that clearly evaluated her academic potential as well as potential schools that she can apply to. In this detailed Road Map Report, we listed 12 schools including her dreams schools, best match schools, and safe schools with convincing reasons. We provided a lot of insight info about the schools and the cities where those schools were located. We also knew that there were also technical application procedures that she never thought about. We highlighted transcript evaluation procedures for her applications in the report. We recommended some institutions that complete those transcript evaluations fast with reasonable prices. Further, we helped her to develop her personal essay with many consulting sessions. The personal statement became more convincing and impressive.


Helen received 10 acceptance letters including the one she wanted to go before receiving consulting from us. However, she preferred another school since this new school offered her an assistantship position. She completed her program and continued for a Doctor of Psychology degree at the same institution with the same assistantship position.