The Situation

Hyejin has studied psychology (undergraduate) in South Korea and graduated in 2017. She wanted to continue her graduate education in the United States. She wanted to study in a big school in a big city. Although she had read many blogs regarding graduate level psychology education in the US, she did not have a convincing conclusion on deciding locations and universities. She also had hesitation on the required documents for her applications. Further, she was not comfortable with her personal statement.

The Challenge

There were several challenges with Hyejin’s case. The first one involved time management. She had missed many application deadlines. She was totally confused about how to ascertain a school’s quality. She did not know about the rankings, acceptance rates, and reputations of the schools. Furthermore, she had not yet taken the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Lastly, her personal statement was not in good shape.

The Result

Hyejin received 6 acceptance letters. Two schools rejected her. After carefully reviewing the offers (including scholarships and assistantships), she chose Rutgers University in New Jersey.

How USA International Education Consulting Helped Her?

We did our first consulting session and we received all information about Hyejin’s academic background and future plans. It was clear that she needed a Road Map Report that would lead her through every single step of her applications. We listed 8 schools (along with specific reasons why those schools had been chosen for her). The report included all deadlines, scholarship opportunities, transcript evaluations for international students, visa procedures, internal culture of the universities, etc. We shared the information regarding the GRE exam that she had to take, including resources and approximate required scores for specific schools that selected been for her. We helped her to complete a personal statement from scratch. We tailored an impressive statement that highlighted Hyejin’s unique academic and research capacity. We also helped her to prepare a research path and cognitive psychology specialty track. We included this research path and interest in cognitive psychology in her personal statement. We completed those two services within 8 days.