The Situation

Maria’s mother called us for Maria’s college applications. She was a senior and it was March. She had less than 3 months until her graduation and she had not applied to any schools. Her mother requested a very fast service since many schools’ deadlines had passed.

The Challenge

There were few schools available for Maria’s application. Her personal statement was not ready. Maria was also not sure about the college major that she wanted to study; she was torn between computer science and chemical engineering. She did not have detailed information about those majors. Her parents had tried to convince her to narrow down her choices, but they did not get a result.

The Result

Maria received 4 acceptance letters. She started the Computer Science program at University of Central Florida. Maria received a 40% scholarship.

How USA International Education Consulting Helped Her?

We provided a full service for Maria. We knew that she was too late, and as soon as we did our first consulting session, we started our Road Map Report. Since Maria was interested in two different majors, we included extra information with 3 more pages for her to make a well-informed decision. We helped her to complete her personal essay. We used the same information about her to create an outline (Personal Statement) from the first counseling session. We helped her to complete her applications on The Common Application platform. We facilitated email communication between Maria and the universities. We also guided Maria as she prepared the necessary documents for her applications.