Life in Boston: For the Mind, Soul and Body and the Future

If you are planning a travel for a day or two to Boston, surely you will want to taste the famous baked beans, take a trip through American Revolutionary history by following the Freedom Trail, then walk around America’s oldest public park Boston Common, and maybe if it’s the season watch a game at the Fenway Park. But, for the people who are thinking about getting a higher education in Boston, there should be more reason to choose it. Hence, this list will try to summarize these reasons in four categories.

Mind: Vibrant and Inspiring Atmosphere

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Massachusetts has more than 100 higher education institutions as of 2022.[1] As the capital of Massachusetts, and the largest city in New England, Boston houses most of these institutions and owns a deeply rooted academic heritage. Additionally from this, Boston is home to some of America’s oldest, and dare I say, most prestigious schools and universities including Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Northeastern and Brandeis University. With these points in mind it is quite understandable why Boston was a suitable place for progressive thought that paved the way for the American Revolution and became known as “the Hub”. When you study or do research in this dynamic college town, you will be wrapped by one of the greatest intellectual innovation hubs in the country. Once you experience this atmosphere that fostered great thinkers like Benjamin Franklin, it won’t be so hard to understand why the city is dubbed as the “Athens of America”. Whatever your field of study is, you are sure to find like-minded students and programs that are tailored according to your needs, talents and goals.

Soul: Things that Feed Us

On the other hand, anyone who wants to have an education that transforms you into a global citizen knows that it can’t happen by only living inside the academic world. But fret not! Boston is here for helping students’ cultural improvement too. When we look at the artistic side of Boston, we can easily see the effects of being a college town that houses students all around the world. The city mesmerizingly merges its history with today’s way of living, and manages to create a diverse, rich city. Here people can enjoy visiting galleries, museum exhibitions, seeing musical performances and theater plays that cover almost as many topics as the people who live in it. Seeing these not only helps the students understand people who come from different walks of life, but also makes them feel represented. Incidentally, the reflection of this diverse culture can also be seen in the cuisine of the city. Boston’s food culture, its cosmopolitan population, historical background and sophisticated modern tastes. One can find Irish pubs as well as places that offer Thai, Brazilian and Indian cuisine. You might want to try the praised seafood choices or the Italian restaurants. Whether you are a glutton who loves trying new dishes or a picky eater, the existence of these choices once again underline the welcoming nature of Boston, toward the newcomers.

Body: The Key to the Healthy Life

When you want to live a healthy life where you experience the most memorable moments of the inspiring academic life and the enriching cultural activities you surely have to have a healthy mind too. The good news is Boston is ready to help you on this too. While universities sponsor sports activities, four of the most successful sports teams in America are also from Boston. This means not only there is always a sports game all through the year, but also Bostonians love participating in sports activities too. As a result Boston offers its students a great number of sports activities to participate in from walking, hiking, hockey, biking, running, baseball, American football, basketball and many more. Additionally, since Boston has more public parks, playgrounds, and farmers markets per capita than American Fitness Index’ target goal for a healthy city,[2] they will also have more options about where they want to do these sports activities too. Moreover, the city’s advanced public transportation system and close proximity to the Eastern Coast makes traveling both inside and outside of the city quite easy.



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