Studying Abroad: Hardships and Advantages

Almost every young person dreams at least once in their lives of studying abroad, and many even explore how to do it. Although it comes with some difficulties, and the idea of living in a new country may seem quite daunting at first, it is necessary to remember that there are undeniable advantages of studying abroad. But before examining these advantages, let’s talk about the challenges of studying abroad.

Challenges of Studying Abroad

A Lot of Paperwork

Unfortunately, the first problem encountered when entering this process is the density of bureaucracy. Many documents need to be prepared and sent, even just to apply to schools. On top of that, it can be tiring to grapple with some of this paperwork when talking about the visa process, the process of settling in the country, and starting to live. But don’t worry, because you only have to go through this complicated process once, and then it is done and doesn’t need to be repeated. Therefore, it can easily be said that it is not a big problem. It can also be said that we are ready to start a new life after successfully navigating this bureaucratic process with a bit of fatigue. However, beginning a new life may not be as easy as it seems. After all, it means leaving one’s comfort zone and sailing into the unknown.

An Unknown Place

This new uncertain period can be understandingly intimidating. After all, it is not an easy decision to leave one’s familiar environment, family, and friends. Although the idea of ​​being alone in a new country may seem painful, it can be said that the person is worried only because he does not have enough information about the place he is going. If you look at the destination, you immediately see that other people are going about their lives normally; therefore, life there cannot be fundamentally different in the end. It is also necessary to be sure that, after living in the destination for a while, one becomes accustomed to that new environment and way of life and can embrace it. As a result, as long as they live there, some people have enough information about a place they do not know of. Although the experience abroad can be rough at first, it soon turns into an experience that feels very comfortable and safe.

Advantages of Studying Abroad


Of course, there are not only disadvantages to living abroad, which undoubtedly adds much more to one’s life. First of all, it gives a person a great deal of self-confidence. After all, you have not only gone to a place you don’t know all by yourself, but you have also started living there. When you see that you have achieved this, you realize your potential. It is understandable for a new life to seem daunting, but difficulties experienced at first can easily be overcome and quickly forgotten amidst the excitement of starting a new life in a new place. After getting used to it, when a person looks back, they see what they have accomplished and feel a sense of pride.

Discovering New Cultures

Both during and after the adjustment process, foreign friends are made, new cultures are discovered, and different life habits are learned. These are all advantages in themselves. Even if they have a completely different culture, you come to understand that the other person is human. People called American, German, or Italian have the same needs, the same tastes, and the same future concerns as everyone else. After noticing these similarities, the person studying abroad is not the same person that he was before; he has grown up. In a way, all the advantages come out here: the experience abroad causes people to mature, to establish their personality, and to see the world from a different perspective.

In Total: Beneficial

The general difficulties of studying abroad are related to the adaptation process and are temporary problems. The difficulties experienced at first disappear once they are overcome and do not become a problem again. Meanwhile, the positive contributions and experiences for a person living abroad are ongoing. When compared to the opportunity to constantly learn, experience, and look at life from different perspectives, the difficulties of studying abroad seem very tiny. Because this unique experience causes the person to grow and improve his or her self-confidence, everyone who has gone abroad to study, even taking the initial difficulties into account, says that they are satisfied with this experience. After all, spending years in a new country leads to beneficial results and experiences.

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