The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona was founded in 1885 as a land grant college. It is now the state’s second largest university, and it has been recognized on several occasions for its high quality research programs. The U of A is also ranked as one of the top 100 research universities in the country. In addition to its academic excellence, UA offers students more than 350 student organizations and activities to choose from each year.

University of Arizona has nearly 50,000 students.

The University of Arizona is the second-largest university in the state, with nearly 50,000 students. The UA is also the largest public university in Arizona and one of the fastest growing universities in America. The University’s main campus occupies a large area at central Tucson, with more than 150 buildings on 863 acres as well as extensive outdoor research facilities and land holdings to support its academic programs. There are also over 300 satellite locations across southern Arizona that provide space for classes, offices and laboratories for faculty members who teach across different campuses or need specialized equipment not available at their primary locations. The main campus also boasts a beautiful arboretum. The arboretum is a great place to study or relax, with its collection of trees and plants from all over the world. Students often use it for group projects, taking pictures for class assignments, and just walking around on their way to classes.

U of A’s official mascot is Wilbur the Wildcat.

The University of Arizona’s official mascot is Wilbur the Wildcat. Wilbur, as a cartoon wildcat, wears a red body with navy blue legs and a navy blue nose. He’s not real. He doesn’t exist beyond the world of art and imagination. But if you were to ask any Wildcats fan what color Wilbur was, they would likely say something very close to “red with blue stripes.”

U of A’s team name is the Wildcats, and their main sporting rivals are ASU (Arizona State University) and NAU (Northern Arizona University).

The Wildcats have many athletic rivals, but their biggest rivalries are against ASU (Arizona State University) and NAU (Northern Arizona University). Their team name is the Wildcats, and they even have a mascot named Wilbur Wildcat. U of A has won over 100 NCAA championships in its history, including 11 national titles in football.

U of A offers 221 degree programs, including a few that are ranked nationally or internationally.

The University of Arizona offers 221 degree programs, including a few that are ranked nationally or internationally. The most popular majors at the University of Arizona include psychology, biomedical sciences, business administration management, biology and communication & media studies. The University’s College of Nursing & Health Innovation is one of the top nursing schools in the country and prepares students for careers in health care. Other notable programs include its College of Pharmacy which annually graduates more than 100 new pharmacists each year and has been ranked among the top 20 pharmacy schools by U.S News & World Report since 2008; its College of Science; School of Earth & Space Exploration; Department of Biomedical Sciences; Department of Psychology; Department of Sociology & Anthropology (all three departments within SBS); Graduate School at UA with over 80 graduate degrees available including MBA (Master Business Administration), MD/PhD Program (Doctorate program leading to both an MD degree or PhD in selected fields), MPA(Master Public Administration) and MSW (Master Social Work).

U of A is classified as a research university with very high research rank status.

The U of A is classified as a research university with very high research rank status. It’s part of the Association of American Universities, an organization that represents 60 universities such as Harvard, Yale and MIT. The University of Arizona has produced seven Nobel Prize winners and many other notable scientists and engineers. The university offers bachelor’s degrees in over 100 majors from fields like biology, business administration and engineering; it also offers master’s degrees in these areas as well as law studies, medicine or education.

U of A graduates approximately 13,000 students each year with bachelor’s degrees.

  • In accordance with its mission, UA provides a broad range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs that serve more than 34,000 students on four campuses in three states.
  • Approximately 13,000 students graduate each year with bachelor’s degrees.

The student to faculty ratio is about 20 to 1.

The student to faculty ratio is the number of students per faculty member. In general, a lower ratio means that there are fewer students for each instructor and more opportunities for one-on-one interaction with professors. The average nationwide is about 20:1 but at the University of Arizona, it’s only about 15:1. This makes it an ideal place to study if you need help from professors or just want to meet new people in your classes! You can learn more about the student body at other top universities here

Average SAT scores range from 1070 – 1270 depending on the test taken and section includes math and reading/writing combined results.

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