Why Should You Study in USA? : 3 Main Reasons

United States has some of the finest universities and that continuously ranked in the top of QS World Ranking lists and others. According to the mentioned list, as of 2022, 44 of the top 100 universities are from the United States. This means America hosts roughly half of the best universities in the world within its borders. Furthermore, Times Higher Education Ranking also ranked 7 American universities in its top 10 list. Similar information can also be found in U.S. News & World Report’s and many others’ reports. With this knowledge in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that during 2022-2023 academic year, there were almost one million international students in the States.[1]

But what exactly makes this country’s universities the bests in various aspects and the country so appealing to the internationals? Would it really make difference to have an American university listed on your resume?

These questions can be answered in many ways, from many different aspects, and in this article we’ll try to cover the most prominent three reasons.

  1. Academic Standards and Quality

Since we started this list by saying America has some of the best schools in the world, it would be sensible to explain how that became to be. While every university is unique and has something different to offer, their common ground is being well-funded and having high academic standards, unique curriculums, cutting-edge facilities, and an excellent body of academics. Thanks to these features, there also immense opportunities for students to pursue groundbreaking research in all fields. As a consequence of this, American universities have the reputation of producing the most number of research paper per year.

While in the class, students are encouraged and expected to participate in the lesson and contribute to the discussions. While teachers might have different instruction perspectives, the focus remains the same: training students to observe, analyze problems and solve them, being open to various points of view and respectfully challenge the ones you don’t agree with.  There will also be lots of hands-on learning chances. These include research, clinical and field works. Aside from this, professors are also ready to support students outside of the classroom too.

A very important aspect of these universities’ education system is their flexibility. This means students have the freedom to decide and declare their major after they pursued different courses. This gives students a unique space to explore what they really want to become. Consequently, students show greater eagerness and success in the field they have chosen. Moreover, while students are pursuing their graduate studies, students are provided with an option to tailor their education according to their needs and wants to fit their academic goals and interests. For instance you can also find specialized programs of study, such as Oceanography & Coastal Science or Sport and Athletic Administration, in the US, or if you want you can even create your interdisciplinary major, like pre-med and international relation. With this diversity in programs and a variety of institutions to choose from, regardless of your study field and career aspirations, there is surely a befitting education institution that enables you to build your future the way you want to.

  1. Vibrant Student Lifestyle and Cultural Diversity

Having a long-running immigration history and an extremely favored higher education reputation makes the United States a country of rich cultural diversity. As a reflection of this, many American cities hold annual cultural festivals to celebrate international traditions. Hence, from the moment students arrive their campus, they will be surrounded by people who come from different backgrounds, with unique traditions, lifestyles and cuisines. Students often remark that their classes and dormitories are full of students who come from all walks of life, and this brings color to their life. By working with your peers in class, meeting with new people on and around the campus you can create a network of friends from all over the world. And living like this is an amazing way to nurture your tolerance and openness to other cultures.

International-friendly places in the States are committed to create inclusive and diverse student life. To do so, they have different outreach and programs and various initiatives. If you start feeling homesick, you can join a student’s club. If you are interested in a particular topic, surely there is an organization for that. If you want to further improve your studies, you can join a student society. Again, if you are interested in athletics, you can join a club that is centered around the sport you prefer. The list of clubs, societies and organization and what you can accomplish as a part of them is as vast as your imagination can go. And if the limits of your imagination on these is broader than the university you have chosen, you can always create your own. In addition to this international students office, and its services is well-established, they offer great guidance and the staff and other faculty members are quite friendly and always eager to help.

  1. Career Opportunities

Universities and colleges regularly hold career fairs and host workshops to which guest speakers from well-known organizations attend. These types of events connect students with the industry experts who can be valuable contacts in your professional network. Aside from this, you might be able to work at one or more internship and in fact, many programs require an internship or co-op to be able to graduate. Participating in these, enable students to be in close contact with learn from industry experts. These lifelong connections are a strong motivation for international students to choose Unites States to get their higher education.

As US degree means successfully completing a very prominent and higher education program. It is a representation the knowledge and the experience students gained while studying. Thus, graduates a US degree, stand out to employees anywhere in the world. Inheriting the prestige of an American degree proves students’ advanced English language skills, intercultural experience, and practical knowledge. A combination of these benefits and the immense alumni network the universities offer, students get the upper hand in starting their Professional life the way they dreamt about.

Consequentially, with wide variety of cultures, university choices, degree options, learning outcomes and opportunities, American higher education system offers unmatched benefits and gains to all types of students and their needs. As a result, saying “Why shouldn’t I choose an American university!” becomes the mindset.

[1] https://www.statista.com/statistics/237681/international-students-in-the-us/