The Situation

Melissa’s mother reached out to us regarding her high school course planning, extracurricular activity formation and standardized test preparations. Although Melissa was only starting the 9thgrade in Canada, her parents wanted to see a road map report from an expert. They were well aware of the busy schedules of the student counselors at Melissa’s high school.

The Challenge

We needed to design a road map even though Melissa had not yet decided on any specific major for her college education. This was very natural at her age; however, we were able to narrow down her options after our consulting session, which included 25 questions. Planning several aspects of Melissa’s high school education as well as future extracurricular activities was challenging. We did not want her to fall behind academically but we wanted her to enroll in challenging college-level classes especially during 11thand 12thgrades.

The Result

As Melissa’s parents indicated, she is more motivated toward specific goals set by our experts. She is clearly aware of the meaning of a successful high school student. She also learned the meaning of being a well-rounded student as expected by the colleges. Her 9thyear grades were good, and she currently holds a 3.64/4.00 grade point average (GPA).

How USA International Education Consulting Helped Her?

We first reviewed Melissa’s grades and test scores from her middle school. Those statistics were the indicator for her academic capacity. Since she would mostly take required classes during 9thgrade, we highlighted taking Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography class in addition to the required classes. We included some specific AP classes for 10th, 11thand 12thgrades. The total number of AP classes became 6. On the other hand, we wanted her to take at least 2 Dual Enrollment classes during 11thgrade. Further, we prepared a list of extracurricular activities for each summer. We also listed some student clubs that she might join for different activities at her high school. The report also included several college majors, job descriptions and income levels of those jobs.