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Case Study: Amir

The Situation Amir wanted to continue his graduate education (Master of Business Administration-MBA) in the United States. He was confused about different types of MBA programs and wanted to make sure he would receive a

Case Study: Helen

The Situation Helen was from Germany and had plans for her psychology master in the United States. She had completed her bachelor’s degree at Munich University in 2015. She had excellent academic background and work

Case Study: Ahmed

The Situation Ahmed was from Pakistan and he wanted to study computer science major in one of the top schools in the United States. He was an 11th grader and his parents requested consulting from us

Case Study: John

The Situation John’s mother called us regarding her son’s college application readiness. There was no rush since John had just started the 11thgrade. His mother wanted to see an evaluation as well as a road

Case Study: Silvia

The Situation Silvia’s mother called us regarding Silvia’s college application on October 15th2018. Silvia was an 11thgrade student and both her grade point average and her SAT test scores were strong enough to place her

Case Study: Hyejin

The Situation Hyejin has studied psychology (undergraduate) in South Korea and graduated in 2017. She wanted to continue her graduate education in the United States. She wanted to study in a big school in a

Case Study: Maria

The Situation Maria’s mother called us for Maria’s college applications. She was a senior and it was March. She had less than 3 months until her graduation and she had not applied to any schools.

Case Study: Melissa

The Situation Melissa’s mother reached out to us regarding her high school course planning, extracurricular activity formation and standardized test preparations. Although Melissa was only starting the 9thgrade in Canada, her parents wanted to see

Case Study: Alp

The Situation Alp was from Turkey and received his law degree from one of the most prestigious universities in Istanbul. He wanted to continue his education in the United States. He wanted to apply to

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